Fuse Swim School

Class / Cardio, Rehabilitation, Tone Up

About Fuse Swim School

We offer excellent swimming lessons for children and adults.  Teaching in small groups (no more than 4 per group) allows us to deliver our unique teaching methodology of minimal floatation devices to obtain maximum results for our swimmers.

Fuse swim school is led by ex Team GB swimmer Darren Fox.  With 20 years experience, we have held private lessons at Crystal Palace, Harrods Village (Barnes), Purple Dragon (Chelsea) and LAX (Sth Kensington).  Our aim is to ensure that you are given great foundations to become a competent and confident swimmer.


We offer lessons for all levels/abilities for both children and adults:

  • Non-Swimmers
  • Beginners
  • Advanced
  • Competitive
  • Triathlete’s
  • National/International

Lessons are held at Thomas Moore School, Russell Hill, Purley, Surrey, CR8 2XP


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