Why Kids Should Swim

June 30, 2015 / swimming
Why Kids Should Swim

Benefits of Kids Learning to Swim

Swimming Lessons London

1. If you are able to swim 365 metres continuously you can: scuba dive, become a lifeguard, be on a swim team, play water polo, compete in triathlons, teach swimming and much more.
2. Swimming makes children better athletes.
3. Being comfortable in water opens up a lot of other water sports and opportunities.
4. Swimming can be done from a young age to old age.
5. Swimming is the only sport that can save your life.
7. Swimming is a great exercise, it uses every muscle in the body and burns a lot of calories.
8. Swimming builds self-reliance and confidence viagra inde acheter.
9. Swimmers tend to be academic achievers.
10. Swimming is an ability, like walking.
11. No one is drown-proof. but, being able to swim 365 metres continuously lowers the chance of ever drowning exponentially.


Its great for overweight children, the water makes it easier to exercise as compared to running or squash. Its beneficial to children with health issues from juvenile arthritis to asthma. Children that suffer will asthma are less likely to have an attack swimming compared to other sports. it Improves stamina, flexibility, strength, balance and posture.


Kids can swim all year round in a safe, controlled environment, alone or with friends, from early morning to late at night and unlike other forms of exercise you don’t have to be the same standard as your friends. It be enjoyed by the whole family, starting from a young age, its important that your child must not be afraid of water and the best way to achieve this is by doing with people they trust and most importantly that its fun.

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